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Why Choose Us?

Our client focused and  result driven approach does nothing less than exceed expectations of numerous fortune 1000 companies. Providing accurate lists for virtually every industry is what we do best.

We have affiliate partners assisting us within most major organizations/ associations. Our partners provide us with the member lists of many Organizations, as well as tradeshow attendee lists. The Right List utilizes an industry leading publishing division that distributes magazines to consumers all over the country. We offer a wide array of magazines that provide us with consumer interest and lifestyle attributes.

We send all of our data to a call center to confirm and undergo an extensive quality control process, and to enrich the lists with personal and company information.

We invest large sums of money to purchase the right list for our clients. It may cost us more but we enjoy delivering a list that guarantees residual business. We pride ourselves on our customer retention and our ability to build long term business partnerships. No list is too hard to find, if it is out there we will deliver it.

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As you're probably discovering, finding a specific targeted list for sale can take quite some time. A thorough search within the market takes even more time. We do this for a living and we know where and how to look. We have spent many years gathering contact information and building relationships with virtually every reputable direct marketing agency in the country.

We search for you the same way we would search for ourselves, by digging through thousands of the top brokerage firms and marketing/ advertising agencies. We make all the necessary phone calls and send a great deal of email correspondence to get the exact targeted list that will best suit your needs.

How much does our service cost you? Not a penny! Our service is absolutely free to you, the buyer. You cover only the cost of the list. Our commission is paid by the seller, not you. Our only duty is to get you the best possible deal on the most responsive targeted solutions. Our team has been negotiating list prices with the most stubborn sales personnel in the market and we consistently save our clients a significant amount of money. 

We realize how aggravating and time consuming it may be listening to every sales person claim they have the list for which you are looking. We'll make sure you get an excellent list at the most cost effective price because picking the wrong vendor could be a costly mistake. We have developed many key contacts from all over the country and we often get "insider information" from vendors about particular lists that they may not tell you. We've handled hundreds of negotiations and have perfected what we like to call, "the art of getting The Right List."


Step 1:
Fill out our quick quote  form.

Step 2:
In one push of a button we send your  inquiry to thousands of contacts in one of our pre-arranged mailing groups that would best fit  your needs.

Step 3:
We request samples from the top 5 responders.

Step 4:
We put each sample through an extensive 5 point verification process.

Step 5:
We will send you the cleanest most recent target specific list fitting in your budget.





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